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Miami Airport Transportation

MIA internal transport

Miami Airport SkyTrain

There are three terminals at Miami Airport – Central, North, and South – and a total of eight concourses. SkyTrain – the preferred transport at the airport – links the terminals and operates within Concourse D.

SkyTrain travels between four stations around a quarter mile away from each other. Two lobbies are available at each station. The first one is for domestic customers and the second one is for foreigners. The trains arrive at each station every three minutes.

MIA Mover at Miami International Airport

At the airport, there is a unique automated people carrier engine known as the MIA Mover. It lifts the landside vacationers between the Main Terminal and the Bus Station. The service moves travelers to a Car Rental Center and the Central Station, too. On the third level, the Miami Airport shuttles are accessible between the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages.

The people mover engine helps the customers get to their vehicles fast by bringing the renters directly to the Rental Car Center’s service lobby. What the MIA Mover system even more exciting is that it takes no charge for its service.

Ground transport at Airport Miami

Located 14 miles away from downtown, the airport in Miami is famous for its well-developed public transfer network. Airport transportation in Miami includes buses, shuffles, and taxicabs. The vehicles transfer the passengers within the facility and across several tourist destinations.

Besides, Miami International Airport shuttles are MIA Mover, Metrorail, Tri-Rail, and SkyTrain. The Internodal Station unites the last three services mentioned above. It makes the Intermodal Station the first Miami-Dade Country’s all-inclusive ground carriage hub. The reliable option for reaching the station is via the transferring system MIA Mover.

MetroBus at Miami Airport

MetroBus provides transport at Miami Airport that connects the airport to downtown. Remember that certain routes take more time to bring you to your destination compared to other public shipping options. All paths begin at the Metrorail Station. The bus stops at Tri-Rail MIA station, City of Miami Beach, and Metrorail station.

The vacationers can receive the MetroBus service from 05:47 am until 11:10 pm on weekdays. Despite the route, the arrival frequency is between 20 minutes and 1 hour. The general cost of the travel is $2.25, and the discount fare is $1.10.

Metrorail to Miami International Airport

Metrorail offers train transport to Miami Airport and downtown. You can access the supplier’s services from 05:00 am until 08:30 pm on weekdays. The trains arrive every 7 minutes. On weekends, Metrorail is open from 05:00 am until midnight. On Saturdays and Sundays, the trains arrive every 15 minutes.

For enjoyable transfer to Miami Airport, you can spot Metrorail at the Intermodal Station. To get there, use the MIA Mover system and reach the abovementioned station from the Terminals. The one-way ticket costs $2.25 while the discount one is $1.10.

Tri-Rail at Miami Airport

The commuter train merges between the airport, the Fort Lauderdale cities, and West Palm Beach is Tri-Rail. Among others, the carriage’s stops are at Hollywood and Boca Raton. The northbound train runs from 04:15 am until 09:40 pm. The southbound Tri-Rail works from 05:50 am until 10:35 pm.

Besides, Tri-Rail transportation at Miami Airport begins at the Intermodal Station. To reach the commuter train, the customers can take the MIA Mover carrier at the terminal building’s third level. The trip’s price depends on the number of traveled zones. For instance, the rate is $3.75 for one-way travel to two zones while a round trip costs $6.25.

Miami Airport hotel shuttles

Miami Airport shuttle pick up

The foreigners traveling to Miami Airport would look for affordable transfer from Miami Airport to the hotel. Choose from Miami International Airport shuttles on the Arrivals Level and reach the chosen accommodation in style. The specified areas are across doors 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 15, 20, and 23, out of the baggage claim. To effortlessly reach the hotel shuttle at Miami Airport, track the curbside signs to the new zones beyond the crosswalk.

Miami Airport hotels with free shuttles

To help you decide on the most suitable transportation from Miami Airport to the hotel, we have supplied a list of the best accommodation options.

Popular destinations from Miami Airport

Transport from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

The majority of travelers taking a cruise from Miami decide to land at Miami Airport which is the most accessible and the nearest landing field to the Port of Miami. Thus, we have provided sustainable alternatives for your memorable airport transportation in Miami.

Miami Airport transportation to South Beach (Miami Beach)

Miami Airport public transportation presents a reliable service for your journey to South Beach. To get to your desired destination, the only thing you should do is take the Beach Airport Express Bus 150 for a quick and sound trip.

If you are looking for transportation from Miami Airport to South Beach, there is a special service available, too. The bus which costs only $2.25 per way will pick you up at the Metrorail station and bring you to your destination for about an hour. The 40-foot bus runs every 30 minutes and has baggage racks, air conditioning, and comfy seating.

Travel options from Miami Airport to Key West

It takes around 4h 43m to reach Key West from MIA. Renting a car is among the most reliable options for traveling such a distance of around 164 miles. Our smart search engine will help you turn your journey from MIA to Key West into the fascinating one.

 Nissan Versa
Compact Nissan Versa

from $ 9.5 per day

 Ford Fiesta
Economy Ford Fiesta

from $ 9.6 per day

 Toyota Corolla
Intermediate Toyota Corolla

from $ 11 per day

 Jeep Compass
Medium SUV Jeep Compass

from $ 21.9 per day

Another Miami Airport transport for reaching Key West from the International Center is by bus. The vehicle runs twice a day and costs from $14 to $23.

Shuttle from Miami Airport to Key Largo

MIA is only 61.7 miles away from the picturesque island of Key Largo. A clever decision for reaching it is by bus. This MIA Airport transport runs between the Airline Term E Bust Stop and Key Largo once a day. The service costs from $13 to $20, and the journey’s estimated duration is 1h 20m.

Still, the most convenient way of reaching the island is renting a car. On our website, you will find the right vehicle for your trip along the marvelous Overseas Highway. We will help you pick up the best car for you to enjoy the nature scenes on your luxurious vacation.

Choose from a rich fleet of rental transport at Miami Airport. The spotlessly kept rental cars from the prominent suppliers and with the highest rating are open to our customers.

Taxi service at Miami Airport

Finding favorable airport transportation in Miami is one of the first-priority tasks for the vacationers arriving at MIA. On the ground level, the vacationers can spot the taxi cabs near the baggage claim zones. For the customers’ fascinating travel, Uber and Lyft carriages are accessible. Finally, the MIA taxi suppliers offer cars for the passengers with special equipment including wheelchairs upon request.