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Parking at Miami Airport, Florida

Miami International Airport parking lots

What is the best parking option for Miami International Airport?

Choosing the best place to park your car primarily depends on where you are flying from. In general, you can benefit from two options for airport parking in Miami:

Is your vehicle over 7 feet tall? Head to the East side of the North Garage and find the "High-Vehicle" designated area to park your car.

Where is Valet Parking at MIA Airport?

Valet parking is available at several locations. The first one is located at level 2 North Lot (Dolphin), across from North Terminal D. The second is at level 2 South Lot (Flamingo), across from South Terminal H. Both spots provide easy access to the North, South, and Central terminals through convenient sidewalks.

Where is the Uber parking area in Miami Airport?

The exact location of the Uber airport parking at MIA depends on where you enter from. Check out the most popular ways below:

Miami Airport parking rates

Finding a place to park at MIA has never been easier. The innovative parking guidance system with special sensors shows the available spaces with a green light. At the same time, the red color indicates occupied spots.

When you enter a certain floor of the garage, you see the number of available spaces. Their cost depends on the parking duration.

How much is short-term parking at MIA Airport?

Miami Airport parking rate at North and South Garage starts at $2 and increases by $2 every 20 minutes. The maximum daily price of $17 applies 2 hours and 40 minutes after leaving a vehicle.

Valet parking offers 2 fixed time ranges for pricing. You will pay $18 for parking for up to 3 hours, and $30 for 3-24 hours.

How much is long-term parking at Miami Airport?

When leaving a vehicle at the Flamingo or Dolphin Garage, Miami Airport long-term parking will cost $17/day. The maximum period for which you can park a vehicle is 45 days. Otherwise, it will be towed at your expense. However, this does not apply to lots with “no overnight parking” signs - you can use them for more days.

A Valet Parking option at MIA is available for $30/day. The maximum time limit for this option reaches 20 days.

How much is weekly parking at MIA Airport?

Considering standard daily rates, you will pay $119 for 7 days if your vehicle is in Dolphin or Flamingo Garage. For weekly valet service, be prepared to pay $210.

Is there free parking at Airport Miami?

The best cheap parking at Miami Airport is when you don't have to pay for it. Fortunately, free options apply in the following cases:

Private and not-for-rent vehicles can be left at no charge in a Cell Phone Waiting Lot. This lot offers 60 free spaces and is available just off NW 31 Street and LeJeune Road. You can get there via LeJeune Road from the northern or southern direction.

Special vehicles (with ramps, lifts, foot or hand controls) driven by a disabled person are allowed to park for free. The same applies to persons who carry the Florida Toll Exemption permit.

Disabled veterans driving vehicles with an appropriate “DV” license plate can enjoy zero parking rates at Miami International Airport.

MIA Airport parking payment options

Use the Flamingo and Dolphin Garage to store your vehicle while you're away. You can pay for short and long-term parking at Miami Airport in the following ways:

Using MIA Quick Pay stations when parking at Miami International Airport makes the payment process easier. The whole procedure involves five simple steps:

  1. Leave the vehicle and get a parking ticket
  2. Before returning to the garage, use the MIA Quick Pay station to make a payment for a certain number of hours or days
  3. Get in the car and leave the garage
  4. Upon reaching the airport exit lane, insert the pre-paid ticket into the reader for verification
  5. Wait for the barrier to open and go home

Miami International Airport parking for electric vehicles

Parking spaces for electric vehicles come with charging stations. Find them in the following locations within MIA Airport: