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Miami Airport Map

Miami International Airport location

Miami Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Florida. It is located 8 miles from Miami's downtown at the address 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142. You can find MIA Airport's location on the Google map below.

MIA Airport main directions

If you look at the structure of MIA, its shape will remind you of the letter "U" with a vehicle parking inside. Gates are situated outside the main edifice, radiating out in the form of rays. A large depot edifice is divided into three areas with a total of eight concourses.

Travelers can easily move through all MIA depots and lobbies. Nevertheless, you can't constantly remain in the secure zone. Passengers are allowed to remain airside when moving between lobbies D and E, H and J halls (if you are not arriving on a transnational flight).

Arrival and baggage claim zones are situated on the first floor. Head to the departure and ticketing areas which are placed on the second floor. MIA terminals are open 24 hours a day and are connected by MIA Mover and Sky Train. You can find these two moving paths on the third floor of the facility.

In order not to get lost at the airport, check the MIA structure before your trip.

North Terminal (Blue or Terminal N) at MIA Airport

The North Terminal consists of three levels conveniently linked by elevators. There is only one Lobby D there, which leads to Gate 45. Lobby D manages both local and international arrivals and departures. Miami Airport American Airlines terminal also serves in this lobby.

The following gates are available in Lobby D:

Use the Sky Train to quickly get to all facilities located in Lobby D. The Sky Train walkway has four depots along the route. Between Miami International Airport Terminal N and Lobby D, there are four security control points: three of them are close to the ticketing area and another one is near the main depot. To pass the time while waiting for a flight, visit XpressSpa, Admiral Club, and some shops and restaurants with your favorite menu.

Please refer to the structure for the North Terminal facilities.

Central Terminal (Yellow or Terminal C) at MIA Airport

Upon arrival at Central depot, you will get to Lobbies E, F, and G without difficulty. Passengers can visit plenty of restaurants and stores there. There is also the MIA Hotel at Yellow terminal.

Lobbies E and F serve domestic and transnational flights, while Lobby G manages only local ones. Most JetBlue Miami Airport Terminal takeoffs and landings are handled at the C depot.

You can find below the list of the gates:

Please check the Central Terminal structure and main facilities.

South Terminal (Red or Terminal S) at MIA Airport

The structure of Terminal S consists of two lobbies: H and J. Concourse J manages only transnational flights, while another one (Lobby J) is used for both local and transnational ones. Most flights are operated by Delta Air Lines.

Travelers can easily move between these two lobbies using a convenient moving path.

Use the moving path located on the third floor to connect to another hall. Travelers will be required to pass the secure procedure once again to enter another lobby.

Miami Airport food places

While waiting for a flight into a delicious break, visit one of the food stations located in the MIA lobbies. Miami Airport Terminal C has the largest number of food places for every taste and budget. Currently, more than 100 dining zones and food courts across the three terminal areas are available to travelers. For a quick bite, use the snack bars that serve all day. For a full meal, it is better to go to a restaurant or cafe. No matter what class or airline flight you are, lounges usually are open for all travelers.

To learn more about the available food options at MIA, check Miami Airport restaurants.

Guides to MIA parking

Finding parking sometimes turns into a real challenge for the traveler. MIA has made access to parking as convenient as possible because each terminal leads directly to an auto stay location. You can use any of the two garages situated in the airport. The first is the Dolphin Garage placed at Terminal N, and another one is the Flamingo (South depot).

If you're looking for Terminal D and Terminal E, your best choice is to park your vehicle at the Dolphin Garage. For access to Lobbies E-J, use the area in the Flamingo parking lot. Travelers will always be able to take advantage of other services, such as Valet parking and the Lyft/Uber area.

To take all the advantages of your journey, learn more about the MIA Parking.