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Miami Airport Currency Exchange

MIA Airport currency exchange

Passengers often need to change money and get US dollars upon arrival at the airport. To avoid the search for offices and banks in the city, you can use the currency exchange at MIA. A forex kiosk is available for all passengers at Level 2. You might notice that these booths often charge the highest fees and the worst rates taking advantage of the location.

Here you can find the location of forex offices at MIA Airport:

Here is a currency exchange converter for you to know live exchange rates at MIA.

AED/USD 0.27

CAD/USD 0.73

CNY/USD 0.15

CHF/USD 1.09

EUR/USD 1.08

GBP/USD 1.23

PLN/USD 0.23


ILS/USD 0.28

JPY/USD 0.01

What are the ATMs at Miami International Airport?

If you do not want to change money at the kiosk, there is another option available to you at the airport. These are ATMs that provide 24 hours customer service including withdrawing cash service at any time.

Automated Teller Machine works quickly and promptly. Moreover, you can get a fair exchange rate at the ATM at Miami Airport.

Check out the locations of the Banking/ATM Services at MIA:

How much does it cost to exchange currency at MIA Airport?

The main problem with MIA currency exchange is far from the best rates on offer. The point is that travelers arriving at MIA are not always well informed about the real and beneficial exchange rate when they change their money. In addition, travelers are looking for convenience and saving time. Airport kiosks charge from $5 to $15, and rates are as much as 7 to 15 percent worse than those at banks in the city.

The most profitable option is to get US dollars in the city. This alternative will definitely save you money.

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How to avoid the excessive currency exchange fee at MIA Airport?

If you decide to use your foreign bank card to pay for store purchases, restaurant services, or for an ATM in Miami Airport withdrawal, you should be aware of cardholder preferred currency (CPC). It will help you avoid the unfair fee. What is CPC? It is a service that allows you to be charged in your home currency rather than the local one. What does this mean for you? In fact, this is not facilitation of the process, but a poor rate. As a result, you will pay more than you have to for your order. Therefore, always ask to pay in US dollars to avoid overcharging.

How can I exchange currency in Miami without paying huge fees?

If you do not want to spend extra money on a trip, you should carefully plan your break and upcoming financial transactions. Here are some tips to help you avoid unfair costs and fees.

What are the currency exchange companies at MIA Airport?

Ice Currency Exchange at Airport Miami

Ice Currency Exchange offers a range of travel services. You can not only exchange foreign currency there, but also purchase SIM cards and cell phones, or quickly arrange travel insurance. For your convenience, ICE has introduced ordering money online in advance at the best available rate. Below you will find a list of 6 ICE desks located in the different terminals:

Western Union

One more foreign currency exchange Miami International Airport option is the Western Union kiosk inside the Western Union branch (Central Terminal, Lobby E). It also offers money transfer services. The booth is open from Monday till Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.