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Under 25 Car Rental at Miami Airport, Florida

Under 25 car rentals at Miami Airport

In the United States, different rental companies have unique policies, so the minimum rental age depends on the particular provider and the location, where a customer rents a car. With the majority of agencies, you can rent a car at Miami Airport as soon as you turn 21. However, some offer more moderate conditions and allow younger generations to drive. Thrifty, Hertz, and Dollar accept 20-year-old customers. Fox allows 19-year-old drivers. And if you choose NU, then you can enjoy the service from 18.

Find your perfect car with the help of our search engine at the top of this page! We offer the cheapest rental rates starting at $10 per day for Compact Nissan Versa! The average price for a rental car is just $27 per day. Weekly rental prices are even more afordable! Now, the lowest weekly price at Miami Airport is only $55.

 Nissan Versa
Compact Nissan Versa

from $ 9.5 per day

 Ford Fiesta
Economy Ford Fiesta

from $ 9.6 per day

 Toyota Corolla
Intermediate Toyota Corolla

from $ 11 per day

 Jeep Compass
SUV Jeep Compass

from $ 21.6 per day

 Toyota Camry
Fullsize Toyota Camry

from $ 26.2 per day

 Chevrolet Impala
Premium Chevrolet Impala

from $ 27.4 per day

 Nissan Frontier
Small/medium truck Nissan Frontier

from $ 30.7 per day

 Ford Mustang Convertible
Convertible Ford Mustang Convertible

from $ 41.3 per day

Can you rent a car at Miami Airport if you are younger than 25?

Yes, you can, but certain car categories may not be available. For example, Avis and Budget are blocking luxury, premium, 9-15-passenger vans, and full-size SUVs for underage customers. At the same time, Sixt only gives access to the economy, compact, standard, and mid-size sedans/SUVs, while Hertz forbids picking up any automobile from the Prestige, Dream, and Adrenaline collections.

Dollar and Thrifty make it possible to choose any vehicle class from compact cars to SUVs, with the exception of specialty models. Easirent provides economy to full-size autos for youngsters. With E-Z, you can enjoy driving premium, SUVs, and Convertibles for a higher Underage Charge, while Routes offers sedans, minivans, and SUVs up to standard size.

Also, some providers associate restrictions with specific models. Fox's Chevy Camaro SS Convertible, Camaro SS Hardtop, and Plymouth Hemi Charger are banned for youngsters. That is, the ability to enjoy a Miami car rental under 25 depends on the specific company. Therefore, carefully review the provider’s list of available vehicle categories before you start booking.

What companies allow renting a car for those under 25 at Miami Airport?

Freedom of choice is what you get when booking a vehicle on our website. We work with dozens of international and local companies, so finding the best deal becomes a smooth and fast process. You can collect car rentals in Miami for under 25 from these suppliers:

Use our search engine with smart filters to check all available options for young drivers and compare them across different parameters. Also, see the Terms and Conditions of a particular vendor for all charges applicable to underage renters.

The minimum price starts at $10 per day for Compact Nissan Versa by ALAMO, while the best weekly rate can be around $55. If you want to find the exact price for the desired vehicle, fill out the search form at the top of the page.

What are the best companies under 25 car rental in Miami?

If you do not know which one to choose, we have developed an optimal strategy for you. The following things matter most when looking for a perfect underage deal.

Why do the companies charge an under 25 car rental fee?

According to expert studies, the younger generation is more likely to create traffic situations leading to accidents. And each damage as a result of an accident is costly for the company due to the need to repair the vehicle and bring it to working condition. Therefore, providers apply an extra charge to Miami car rentals for under 25 to additionally cover the risk associated with driving an auto by an inexperienced young person.

How to avoid paying or reduce the under 25 car rental fee at MIA Airport?

With prices ranging from $10 to $35/day, Youthful Surcharge can be up to half the per-day rate. Therefore, waiving or reducing it is the best way to save money. We know several effective methods for doing this - check them out in the list below:

· AAA membership. Hertz customers can benefit from a special program to opt out of a Youthful Fee. It’s available to 20-24-year-old travelers who book a rental car at Miami Airport under the AAA rate code.

· USAA membership. Hertz, Budget, and Avis have the option to waive underage hold for all USAA partners from the age of 18. This solution also works with Enterprise for 21-24-year-old customers.

· Military or government purpose. An officially authorized trip ordered by any of these authorities makes it possible to avoid a Youthful Surcharge for 18-24-year-olds. You must have written confirmation of this order to show on the counter.

How to rent a car if you are under 25 at Miami Airport?

Basic requirements include meeting the minimum age and having all documents on hand. This is the key to a hassle-free car rental at Miami Airport under 25. Most companies allow you to pick up a car if you are at least 21. The list of required documents includes:

· driver's license you keep a minimum of 1 year

· passport or national ID

· a valid payment method, such as a credit (debit) card

· booking confirmation voucher

· any other document the company requires, such as a return airline ticket, utility bill, bank statement, etc.

What is the cheapest car rental company for under 25 at Miami Airport?

Young travelers overpay up to half the cost for the same deal due to the underage fee applied to them. Therefore, the cheapest companies are those that offer the lowest Youthful Surcharge. When you rent a car in Miami under 25 from Routes, Fox, and NU, you enjoy the cheapest daily extra charge of $13, $14, and $10, respectively.

Other under 25 car rental fees at MIA Airport

Want to choose another provider? You’re welcome! Check out their additional charges in the list below.