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SUV Car Rental at Miami Airport, Florida

SUV car rentals at MIA Airport

SUV stands for a sport utility vehicle. These cars are universal and combine features inherent to off-road and road-going autos. Usually, they are used in suburban areas. SUVs are larger than minivans but smaller than passenger vans and trucks. An average vehicle has up to 10 seats and has space for up to 4 suitcases.

We offer Miami Airport car rental deals to suit every taste, budget, and requirement. Want to find the best vehicle right now? Fill out the search form at the top of the page for a complete selection of our cheap car rentals at Miami International Airport!

 Jeep Compass
SUV Jeep Compass

from $ 21.6 per day

 Mini Countryman
Small SUV Mini Countryman

from $ 28.4 per day

 Ford Ecosport
SUV Ford Ecosport

from $ 28.9 per day

 Toyota Rav4
SUV Toyota Rav4

from $ 28.9 per day

 Nissan Rogue
Small SUV Nissan Rogue

from $ 29.5 per day

 Ford Edge
Medium SUV Ford Edge

from $ 29.7 per day

 Jeep Grand Cherokee
SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee

from $ 30.3 per day

 Ford Explorer
SUV Ford Explorer

from $ 31.2 per day

Cost of SUV car rentals at Miami Airport

Finding the best price is often a top priority when ordering a car. This is especially true for long-term deals, where a small price difference per day translates into big savings over the entire trip. However, a low price doesn't always mean a better deal. Therefore, consider the offer as a whole, and check what you get for the money you pay. If you want to pick up a cost-effective Miami Airport SUV car rental deal, check out a few important tips:

Daily SUV car rental rates at MIA Airport

You can rent a SUV car in Miami Airport for an average price of $59 per day. The cheapest SUV deal is Jeep Compass for $22 (SIXT), and the most expensive offer is Mercedes GL available for $537 (SIXT).

Weekly car rental prices at Miami Airport

The minimum weekly price for SUV rental car types at MIA Airport is $125. The average rate is $344, while the most expensive weekly bookings are available for $1033. However, this is not the final price as many things affect how much you pay. These include the starting reservation date, the duration of the trip, and the seasonal factor. If you would like to check the exact prices for SUV vehicles for the specific dates, please fill out the search form on our website.

How to rent a specific type of car?

When you rent a car at Miami Airport on our website, you can select the desired vehicle category with the help of handy filters. However, remember that the company is obliged to provide you not with the specific model you see on the booking screen, but with a similar one. It will have the same body type and transmission, number of seats, trunk volume, and equipment such as air conditioning.

If you want to pick up a specific make and model, look for deals with the “Guaranteed Car Model" label. If the company can’t provide you with a particular vehicle, it will replace it with a similar one, or upgrade the deal to a higher class.

SUV car rental companies at Miami Airport

If you think about the best deals on SUV car rentals, then you should know the providers of these vehicles in Miami:

SUVs are great for all kinds of activities, such as family road trips or journeys with friends.

SUV rental car types at Miami Airport

Compact SUV car rental at MIA Airport

These vehicles are the smallest among SUVs. Compared to sedans, these cars ride high and have more space. If you are searching for perfect SUV rental car options in Miami, then you can try Compact.

In Miami, you can find vehicles of such type with five seats and enough luggage space. The examples of the cars are:

Midsize SUV car rental at Miami Airport

These cars are also called Intermediate SUVs. Each vehicle has 2-3 rows of seats allowing up to 5 passengers to sit inside. Among the other options of car rental, SUVs of this category offer comfortable interior space, great speed, and durability. Moreover, midsize cars are easy to control, so they are suitable for long journeys.

Speaking of the best SUV rental deals, Miami has offers from various companies. Here are some examples of the cars:

Standard SUV car rental at MIA Airport

It is another type of SUV that is bigger than mid-size and smaller than full-size or premium. These cars are more powerful and are often used for off-road driving experiences. However, the engines of standard SUVs usually consume more fuel, which influences the rental price.

Here are some companies which provide these vehicles in Miami:

Full-size SUV car rental at MIA Airport

Speaking of this type of car rental, a full-size SUV rental is often used for journeys with a significant number of people. These vehicles are large and hardy. Usually, such SUVs have up to 8 seats in each model. Moreover, there is enough space to put about five bags inside. Many companies provide even more features for full-size SUVs to make your trip more comfortable. Choose this car for amazing family trips or journeys with your friends.

Among the available examples of full-size SUVs in Miami, you can find:

Advantages of SUV car rentals at Miami Airport

Feeling uncertain about SUVs car rentals in Miami? These vehicles offer a lot of


Not every car offers up to 8 seats with enough space for passengers. Sitting in an SUV is comfortable even if you need to take a lot of people on your journey.

Almost every model can handle up to 5 suitcases for your trip!

SUVs are large and might seem bulky, but most models are appealing. It is not just about the eternal look but also about the interior, which is convenient and pleasing to the eye.

If you rent an SUV car rental, you choose a high-speed and reliable vehicle on the road.

SUVs are capable and dependable. They can handle all kinds of circumstances on the road.

Other car types to rent at Miami Airport

Our deals can be conditionally divided into the following categories:

On our website, you can find 1 vehicle groups available at MIA Airport. The full list of categories includes: SUV.

How to know what type of gas your rental car needs?

The main tip is to look for a sticker that indicates the type of fuel the car consumes. Often companies will put it on the keys and different parts of the vehicle. You can find it on the dashboard, the gas filler cap, and even the inside of the door next to the fuel filler.