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MINIVAN Car Rental at Miami Airport, Florida

MINIVAN car rentals at MIA Airport

The other name for this type of car is a van. Such autos are bigger than compact and mid-size but smaller than trucks or passenger vans. If you need to transfer 8-9 people, a MINIVAN car rental might be a great option because these vehicles are spacious. Usually, the seats within the auto are arranged in 3 rows. People choose MINIVAN for flexibility and large capacity, which is perfect for long and short distances.

We offer Miami Airport car rental deals to suit every taste, budget, and requirement. Want to find the best vehicle for you right now? Fill out the search form at the top of the page for a complete selection of our cheap MINIVAN car rentals at Miami International Airport!

 Dodge Grand Caravan
7 seat carrier Dodge Grand Caravan

from $ 32 per day

 Toyota Sienna
Minivan Toyota Sienna

from $ 36.2 per day

 Dodge Caravan
7 seat carrier Dodge Caravan

from $ 44.6 per day

 Chrysler Town and Country
7 seat carrier Chrysler Town and Country

from $ 47.1 per day

 Nissan Quest
Minivan Nissan Quest

from $ 51.8 per day

 Chrysler Pacifica
Minivan Chrysler Pacifica

from $ 54.5 per day

 Ford Club Wagon
Minivan Ford Club Wagon

from $ 64.1 per day

 Chevrolet Express
Minivan Chevrolet Express

from $ 65.4 per day

Cost of MINIVAN car rentals at Miami Airport

Finding the best price is often a top priority when booking a car. This is especially true for long-term deals, where a small price difference per day translates into big savings over the entire trip. However, a low price doesn't always mean a better deal. Therefore, consider the offer as a whole, and check what you get for the money you pay. If you want to pick up a cost-effective Miami Airport MINIVAN car rental deal, check out a few important tips:

Daily MINIVAN car rental rates at MIA Airport

You can rent a MINIVAN car in Miami Airport from $70.26/day by Green-Motion. The most expensive offer amounts to $1327.28/day by Ace.

Weekly car rental prices at Miami Airport

The minimum weekly price for MINIVAN rental car types at MIA Airport is $559.62 by Thrifty, while the most expensive weekly bookings are available for $10,531.06 by Ace. However, this is not the final price as many things affect how much you pay. These include the starting reservation date, the duration of the trip, and the seasonal factor. If you would like to check the exact prices for MINIVAN vehicles for the specific dates, please fill out the search form on our website.

How to rent a specific type of car?

When you rent a car at Miami Airport on our website, you can select the desired vehicle category with the help of handy filters. However, remember that the company is obliged to provide you not with the specific model you see on the booking screen, but with a similar one. It will have the same body type and transmission, number of seats, trunk volume, and equipment such as air conditioning.

If you want to pick up a specific make and model, look for deals with the “Guaranteed Car Model" label. If the company can’t provide you with a particular vehicle, it will replace it with a similar one, or upgrade the deal to a higher class.

MINIVAN car rental companies at Miami Airport

In Miami, you can find vans provided by such companies:

Remember that the availability of the car of a specific company depends on the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Is it better to rent a MINIVAN or SUV?

When you think about what is better: SUV or MINIVAN, think about what is better for your trip. However, some things distinguish MINIVANS from SUVs and make them better vehicles:

Compared to a rented SUV, a MINIVAN rental car is cheaper. In this case, the price is usually influenced by capacity.

MINIVANS have smaller engines which is why they consume less petrol than SUVs.

SUVs are bulkier than MINIVANS, which might cause accidents on the road, such as rolling over. MINIVANS are maneuverable and easy to drive, so the chance of bumping into something is smaller.

Is MINIVAN a good car rental choice?

Of course! If you rent a car MINIVAN, you choose:

MINIVANS are not as big as passenger vans or SUVs, so the road will always be smooth. Moreover, these cars are easy to drive even if you have never had a chance to try them.

You can use up to 9 passenger seats, which is perfect for journeys with family or friends. MINIVANS also provide enough space for luggage and can handle up to 3 bags!

MINIVAN's center of gravity makes these vehicles one of the safest among the other cars. It means that vans are more stable, and you will not get into accidents.

Due to the size of the engine, MINIVANS require less fuel than SUVs.

Your family or friends will be able to have a wonderful journey thanks to enough space in the car. Moreover, some vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning systems, which will make your trip even more convenient.

Other car types to rent at Miami Airport

Our deals can be conditionally divided into the following categories:

On our website, you can find 1 vehicle groups available at MIA Airport. The full list of categories includes: VAN.

How to know what type of gas your rental car needs?

The main tip is to look for a sticker that indicates the type of fuel the car consumes. Often companies will put it on the keys and different parts of the vehicle. You can find it on the dashboard, the gas filler cap, and even the inside of the door next to the fuel filler.