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AVIS Car Rental at Miami Airport, Florida

AVIS car rentals at Miami Airport

6.2 / 10

Based on 5,566 customer reviews Average waiting time is 13 min
5.8 / 10 Overall value for money

7.7 / 10 Cleanliness of the car

4.9 / 10 Service at the rental desk

4.7 / 10 Car hire pick-up process

7.9 / 10 Car hire drop-off process

If you need to book a car rental at Miami Airport, then AVIS offers are perfect for you. Boasting positive reviews and high ratings (6.2), AVIS is popular for its excellent services and availability. Moreover, there is always a wide range of deals to choose from!

The service has one of the best, most user-friendly search engines. For example, you need to find Miami Airport car rental deals. Simply enter the pick-up location and look through the options available. Remember that offers are sorted by car category, not model type. For particular models, choose “a guaranteed car model” in the engine. That will make your request more specific!

Renting cars with AVIS is easy and convenient for passengers visiting MIA.

Our advice: book your vehicle in advance. AVIS car rental customer service provides better deals when you book online.

 Ford Fiesta
Economy Ford Fiesta

from $ 23.9 per day

 Ford Focus
Compact Ford Focus

from $ 23.9 per day

 Toyota Corolla
Intermediate Toyota Corolla

from $ 25 per day

 Toyota Camry
Fullsize Toyota Camry

from $ 26.2 per day

 Chevrolet Impala
Premium Chevrolet Impala

from $ 27.4 per day

 Ford Edge
Medium SUV Ford Edge

from $ 29.7 per day

 Ford Mustang Convertible
Convertible Ford Mustang Convertible

from $ 41.3 per day

 Chrysler Town and Country
7 seat carrier Chrysler Town and Country

from $ 47.1 per day

AVIS rent-a-car offers

AVIS provides a wide range of vehicle models. At Miami International Airport, you can easily book:

AVIS rental car types at MIA Airport

Car rentals from AVIS are great for business or leisure time activities. The search engine uses a database of various vehicle types to show you the best deals. Keep in mind that prices are determined by the car categories available, such as Economy, Compact, Standard, Full Size, Luxury, SUV, Convertible and VAN. The list includes 8 groups of cars for a variety of taste and travel purposes.

AVIS most popular car categories

An economy-size car is the most popular option to rent. It is fuel-efficient and budget-friendly. Moreover, it maneuvers easily on the streets. If you are looking for a cheap car from AVIS rentals, then Economy will suit you for sure!

These vehicles have no problems with fuel efficiency. The main difference between Economy and Compact is that the latter has more space, but fewer seats.

These are larger vehicles with more space for luggage and passengers. However, the price is higher compared to Compact and Economy.

These cars usually provide 5 seats and more space for luggage. Cars from this category are suitable for business or traveling.

SUV cars are set higher off the road, compared to the other types of autos. These vehicles have plenty of space! Additionally, you can find offers with 2,4, and 5 doors available. Tourists searching for a rental car at Miami Airport often choose cars with bigger capacity (3-5).

AVIS extra options available at Miami Airport

With AVIS, rent a car at Miami Airport that suits your specific needs. There you can find additional options available, such as:

If you are planning to rent a vehicle with these items, include them in your initial booking, or well in advance of pick-up. We recommend doing so, as certain extra features may be unavailable at the time of pick-up.

Tourists searching for car rentals at Miami Airport can add GPS and Travel Tab Adventurer. These features are recommended for drivers not familiar with the area. Moreover, the GPS unit will be pre-programmed with thousands of points of interest for you to discover!

Additional driver at AVIS car rentals

AVIS provides various extra options and features, such as additional drivers. The rental agreement is presented at the time of pickup. This agreement meets yours and the company's requirements.

The search engine helps you find free and paid additional driver offers. Typically, the fee for this service is $10 to $20 per day.

AVIS car rental insurance

When you hire a car from AVIS, be sure to arrange for suitable insurance. The insurance you select helps you cover expenses for any unexpected issues that may occur. Here are the common kinds of insurance:

Protect your family or friends with insurance.

AVIS payment procedure to rent a car in Miami Airport

Miami International Airport car rental fees are payable via most popular card payment methods: Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Diners Club, and Discover Card. Please note, however, that the last two are available only for a limited number of deals. Search for Dollar or Thrifty offers, if you want to use a debit card.

AVIS fuel policy to rent a car at Miami Airport

AVIS provides Miami Airport car rentals with various fuel policies. The available options are as follows:

It is advised to hire an auto under the Full-to-full policy, as this is the most popular choice among AVIS customers.

How much does it cost to rent a car from AVIS at Miami Intern. Airport?

AVIS car rental at Miami International Airport offers you deals at the price most suitable to you. Find a large selection of cars, suitable for both unlimited and limited budgets.

Notable information on rental prices:

Car prices from AVIS at Miami Airport per day

Car prices from AVIS at Miami Airport per week

Use the search engine provided to compare car prices. You will be able to see price differences according to car types, thus finding your perfect auto more easily! Do not forget to examine all the options available. Why? Because you may find higher class vehicles for more affordable prices than expected.

What do I need to rent a car from AVIS at MIA Airport?

Before booking a Miami Airport AVIS car rental, check whether you own all the obligatory documents. You have to provide a valid physical driver’s license. It must be held for not less than 1 year before the car hire. Additionally, the credit card must be under the name of the main driver.

For foreigners, here are the main documents needed for a rental:

If your documents are not printed in the Roman alphabet, you have to provide a translation.

Make sure to prepare all necessary documents beforehand, in order to avoid any uncomfortable situations upon pick-up.

AVIS car rental deposit

Rentals typically demand a credit card with an approximate total cost. Nevertheless, some companies may require pre-approval of $200 plus the estimated rental cost. Rentals of 4 days or more may require approval of an estimated charge + $300. In case of prepayment with a debit card, the deposit is $250.

Please note that prepaid credit cards are not accepted for this required hold. If you made a reservation with non-US currency in AVIS Rent-A-Car, you will be asked to provide a credit card with the same currency of the reservation amount (USD equivalent). Credits are not available as long as this block exists.

Who owns AVIS Rental Car?

AVIS Car Rental is a brand of Avis Budget Group which was founded by Warren Avis in 1946. A little later, the franchise has already begun to work in Europe and Canada. What is remarkable is that it was the first company to rent a car at an airport.

The location of AVIS car rentals at Miami Airport

You will find AVIS rent a car counters at the MIA Rent-A-Car Center. Upon arrival at the airport follow the baggage claim signs. You need to leave the hall and take the elevator to Level 3. It will take you to the moving walkway which is connected with the MIA Mover. It may take 15 minutes to walk from the arrivals area to the tram. The MIA Mover is about a 4-minute drive to the rental center.

The company's counter is located on Level 4. The company's office is open every day from 5:00 a.m. till 1:00 a.m. The supplier's car rental phone number: (1) 305-876-1800

AVIS car rental return

You can return your rented auto to the MIA Car Rental Center. Its location is 3900 Northwest 25th Street, Suite 402, Miami. Just go to the airport and follow the signs for the Rental Car Center and then for the company's Vehicle Return (Level 2). Write down your mileage and fuel level and leave your keys in the car without locking it. Go upstairs on Level 4 to get a receipt.

AVIS rental car for those under 25 at Miami Airport

If you are between the ages of 21 and 24 and have a driver's license and valid credit card, AVIS car rentals let you rent a vehicle but with additional minor surcharges. The fee is automatically applied to you at the time of rental.

Those drivers who are under 25 rent a car with the following restrictions:

The above-mentioned vehicles are not permitted to rent if you are under 25. AVIS Youth Supplement is $27 a day.

AVIS maximum age limits

While a minimum age is of great importance in the US, the maximum age for renting an auto is not legally established. Thus, age restrictions for drivers depend on the company's approach. Car rental AVIS has no age limit.

Is it allowed to drive AVIS rental cars to another country?

You can drive to Canada without any restrictions. The rental counter must be informed at the time of rental that you intend to drive into Canada so that the location may offer a Canadian Non-Resident Insurance Card (provided at no cost). One-way rentals to select Canadian cities may be permitted depending on availability. Meanwhile, Mexico is a prohibited destination in the case of airport AVIS car rental.

AVIS one way rentals from Miami Airport

The company provides simple one-way rentals at reasonable prices. Just pick up a vehicle at one spot and drop it off at another. Car type and availability vary by chosen site, and a return fee may apply on some rates.

AVIS late return policy

If you plan to rent a car from AVIS, consider that rental car return timings are calculated over a 24-hour period. If you are unable to return your rental car within the specified deadline, you will be charged an hourly cost equal to three-fourths of the day rate + $0.01 for daily and weekend rates. Weekly rates are determined as one-half of the daily rate + $0.01.